White Revolution

"Operation Flood started the White Revolution in India and made our country self-sufficient in milk and this was achieved entirely through the cooperative structure. Today around 12 million farmers in more than 22 states across the country own around 250 dairy plants handling around 20 million litres of milk a day. This is a remarkable achievement. While we in India tend to take our achievement for granted, this feat elicited high praise and admiration throughout the world."

"In 1955 our butter imports were 500 tons per year; today our cooperatives alone produce more than 12,000 tons of butter. Similarly, we imported 3000 tons of baby food in 1955; today our cooperatives alone produce 38,000 tons of baby food. By 1975 all imports of milk and milk products stopped. The import permitted was that of food aid under Operation Flood."

"A separate agency called as the Indian Dairy Corporation (IDC) was created to receive grants of food aid and use it in the Operation Flood, this agency was also headed by the marvelous Dr. Verghese Kurien." "Milk powder production increased from 22,000 tons in the pre-Operational Flood year to 1,40,000 tons by 1989."

"In 1998 the World Bank published a report on the impact of dairy development in India and looked at its own contribution to this. The audit revealed that of the Rs 200 crore the world bank invested in Operation Flood, the net return on India's rural economy was a massive Rs 24,000 crore each year over a period of 10 years to which no other dairy programme has ever matched."

"Moreover when Amul started there were so many competitors in the market like Polson and other foreign players but Amul stood the test of time and over the years emerged as India's favorite."

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